• Rentals are available on a first-come first-served basis and requests will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
  • Completing an online rental request does not guarantee the rental. If your order cannot be fulfilled as requested, a WYOmusic associate will contact you as soon as possible with available options. (For example, you may have requested a "New/Like New" instrument but we may only have "Used" inventory left in stock, so we will contact you and get your permission to make a substitution on your order before moving forward.)
  • Payment will be processed at the time of order fulfillment (prior to pickup).
  • The renter will receive a confirmation email when the order is ready for pickup.
  • Upon pickup, the renter will need to provide proper identification and sign a completed version of the rental contract as provided by a WYOmusic associate (see sample contract below)
  • For more information regarding rentals, please see our Rental Info page.


(Sample Rental Contract)


Musical Instrument Rental Agreement

This Agreement is effective as of: _______________

WYOmusic LLC (the “Owner”)

Renter’s Name (full legal name)_____________(the “Renter”)

The Owner agrees to rent to the Renter and the Renter agrees to rent from the Owner the following “rented property” subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.         Description of Rented Property: The Renter agrees to rent the musical instrument described in this Agreement (the “Instrument”).

Instrument_____________________ Manufacturer____________________ Size__________

                     Serial Number (Barcode)_________________________________________________________

2.         Rent: Rent will be payable in monthly installments of $                 each beginning on the date referred to at the top of this Agreement (the “Effective Date”) and continuing on the same date every month thereafter.

3.         Repair Protection:  The Renter (does___ / does not___) desire to purchase repair protection at a cost of $____________ per month to be added to the monthly rental payment described in Paragraph 2 above. (Terms of Repair Protection are described in Paragraph 9.)

4.         Payment Options:  Select your preferred monthly payment method.
____autopay (set up over the phone or in person at WYOmusic)

____online at

____check by mail to WYOmusic 1708 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY  82001

____over the phone at (307) 638-7755

5.         Late Fee:  If any payment required under the terms of this Agreement is not paid within ten (10) days of its due date, the Owner may charge a late fee of $10.00 per month until the payment is received by the Owner. 

6.       Term: This Agreement shall be a month-to-month rental contract.  The Renter may terminate this Agreement at any time by voluntarily surrendering or returning the Instrument in good repair, reasonable wear and tear excepted, along with any past-due rental payments, late fees, or other fees assessed as provided in this Agreement.  If the Instrument is returned in less than good repair and the Renter has not purchased the repair protection described in Paragraph 3 above, the cost of any repairs the Owner deems necessary to restore the Instrument to good working condition shall be paid by the Renter prior to the termination of this Agreement.

7.         Condition of Instrument: The Owner shall make the Instrument available to the Renter for inspection on the Effective Date, and upon taking possession of the Instrument, the Renter shall acknowledge that the Instrument is in the condition described on Schedule A.

8.         Use, Maintenance and Repair: The name of anyone using the Instrument other than the Renter shall be provided on Schedule A, and the Renter shall keep the Instrument in good working order and condition.  All repairs, maintenance, or replacements required to maintain the Instrument in good working order must be performed by the Owner at the expense of the Renter.

9.         Liability for Damage:  If the Renter does not purchase the repair protection as described in Paragraph 3 above, the Renter shall be solely responsible for all costs to repair or replace the Instrument for damage incurred during the term of this Agreement.  If the Renter purchases the repair protection, the Owner shall complete all repairs to the Instrument at no cost to the Renter, with the following exceptions:

a.        The repair protection does not include replacement strings or bow hairs, or cleaning wind instruments;

b.        The Renter shall pay for any necessary repairs due to the Renter’s abuse or misuse of the Instrument (this liability shall not exceed the then fair market value of the Instrument);

c.        The Renter shall pay for any repairs that are purely cosmetic; and

d.       If the Renter is not current on all payments due under this Agreement, the Renter shall pay for all repairs regardless of whether the Renter purchased the repair protection (this liability shall not exceed the then fair market value of the Instrument).

e.        The repair protection does not cover instruments that are deemed a full loss and the Renter is responsible for replacement cost.

10.       Liability for Loss:  If the Instrument is lost or stolen before the termination of this Agreement, the Renter shall be solely liable and shall pay to the Owner the replacement cost of the Instrument.  The amount due under this Paragraph shall be payable within forty-five (45) days after discovery of the lost or stolen Instrument, or as otherwise agreed by the Owner and the Renter.  The Renter may purchase liability insurance from a third-party insurer to cover the loss anticipated by this Paragraph.

11.       Default:  If the Renter fails to make any payment required by the terms of this Agreement within ten (10) days of such payment’s due date, the Renter will be deemed to be in default of this Agreement.  If the Renter is in default for any reason for three (3) or more business days and does not voluntarily surrender possession of the Instrument, the Owner may give notice to the Renter of such default either by personally delivering the notice to the Renter or by mailing the notice to the Renter’s last known residential address.  The notice shall be in writing and shall conspicuously state the Owner’s name, address, and telephone number, provide a brief identification of the Agreement, state the Renter’s right to cure any default, and describe the amount of payment required to cure the default and the date by which the payment shall be made.

12.       Waiver:  The Owner’s failure to enforce any term or exercise any right described in this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the Owner’s right to enforce such term or exercise such right in the future.

13.       Costs and Attorney’s Fees:  The Renter shall reimburse the Owner for any costs or attorney’s fees incurred by the Owner in enforcing the terms of this Agreement.

14.       Time is of the Essence:  Time is of the essence as to all matters set forth herein.

15.       Headings, Sections, and Paragraphs:  The headings, sections, and paragraphs used within this Agreement are included solely for convenience and reference and have no significance in the interpretation or construction of this Agreement.

16.       Applicable State Law:  The validity of this Agreement shall be determined by reference to the laws of the State of Wyoming.

17.       SeverabilityIf any provision of this Agreement is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid for any reason, such invalidity shall not affect the remaining provisions of this Agreement.  The remaining provisions shall be fully severable, and this Agreement shall be construed and enforced as if the invalid provision had never been included.

18.       Copy to the Renter:  The Renter acknowledges receipt of a signed copy of this Agreement.